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Well, Here We Go!
Cute, Excited
Shortly  after posting my last journal, I went to my interview at the KFC/Taco Bell here in post.

 I am now a small part of the workforce again! Yesterday was my fist day, it went pretty smoothly, only messed up on order as a cashier but it was quickly fixed and the Officer was back on his way. (Not a Police officer either, I want to say he may have been a general...?)

  I'm just happy to be working again, even if its only part-time. :) And all money I'm making, will go into savings for a down payment on a new vehicle. Once our credit card is a bit lower, which will happen pretty quickly now that taxes are gone. :)

 I hope ya'll have a great day or evening!  

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Congrats on being back in the workforce!

BTW, I absolutely LOVE those Cantina Steak Burritos!

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