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Jumping into Adulthood
I could say something about that...
 One step at a time.

 Siris and I made a big jump to being adults this month. (No, I'm not pregnant.) We paid off our first vehicle loan, and about 4 months early at that. Its not even been a full month since we sent our last payment, but it already feels strange not having that bill looming at the first of the month. We've gone over how much we are saving now and and it seems crazy that we were spending that much a month for it, and STILL being able to live comfortably. (One of his friends, was constantly asking just how we were getting by without any outside aides. Especially before I was working again.)

 Now we plan on getting the credit card paid down. Which that won't take long because its an emergency and Diesel/gas card, we rarely use.

 In other news we are heading home at the end of June to visit our friends and Family. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone again, its not the same without a lot of you. :) We shall see if I still have a job when we get back, since I'm taking 2 weeks off. Our plan is to head up to Lexington ,KY to visit his Great-Uncle David, then head over to Albuquerque to visit our friends there for the weekend, (If they still want us!,<3 ;3 ) and then head to Roswell and visit our families for a few days. We are contemplating heading back via Dallas to visit our close friend Candace, but that has yet to be officially discussed.

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Looking forward to seeing you!

And congrats on paying down debt! I was listening to a show on the radio about how much people were in the red, and it blew me away! I'm still getting used to the feeling of owing absolutely nothing.

It is a strange feeling, but all in all a good one. :)

Congrats! *high fives*

May your visit home be a smooth one. Our trip last week did wonders for my soul.

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