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Jumping into Adulthood - Round 2
I could say something about that...
  Things are progressing at a decent pace for us. It seems like only a month or two ago we were headed home to visit friends and family. A few things have happened since that trip, mainly my Buick reaching a point of being non-drive-able without some minor but expensive work to the breaks. I had finally figured out and repaired my Turn-Signal issue, which turned out to be a blown flasher fuse. Which was a pain to find under the driver's side dash, it took me at least two days to actually find it, even with online schematics and how-to videos. Once our Credit card was paid down we picked up an '08 Honda Element SC for a good price. Unfortunately, they wouldn't take my car as trade-in not because of the work it needs, but its age.  So I've been waiting on my title to arrive from my Grandmother so we can just sell it ourselves, as we have several folks interested who can do the needed work themselves. I must say, I love my Element despite the Black interior. Seras's fur is EVERYWHERE, and she's only been in it once or twice since we bought it! D: But its plenty of space for us and the folding seats are a bonus. Siris has even been commandeering it a few weeks at a time, leaving me with the truck.

  In September, I had to get my IUD removed as it had shifted slightly and the strings were stabbing me. Before hand, Siris and I had talked about starting the next chapter of our lives. So, I didn't get it replaced. Once October rolled around it was confirmed via blood work, I was pregnant. Which was actually a VERY BIG relief for me, given all the issues I've had with my cycle over the years. My last GYN had said it was possible I might be sterile or have extreme difficulty getting pregnant because of possible scarring from cysts. Our first appointment, had me a bit worried since they couldn't find the heartbeat with the Dopplar, but we got to get an actual ultrasound and saw it before it was much more than a blob of tissue. I have been lucky to not have any morning sickness what-so-ever, though Siris had it for roughly a week or so the first month. I've only had a few cravings but nothing strange, mostly for Steak and fruit.The only other symptom was exhaustion, but that has gone away. I'm now at 21 weeks,(5 Months), and we found out last Tuesday that we are expecting a Male. It is a mix of emotions to thing I have this little person growing inside me, but I'm glad it is. (Even if feeling it move has me expecting a little beast to pop out through my stomach.) My current due date is Friday June 13th, 2014. We've been gathering things here and there like little pack rats or squirrels, which has been working well. We have a stroller, car seat, bouncer/swing, crib (just need a mattress), changing table,  Pack'N'Play with bassinet, and some clothing. Most of it was bought at half price or less, thanks to a local store called Bargain Hunt. I think we wouldn't have collected as much as we have without them! Haha!

 Yes, things are going well. I'm still working at KFC/Taco Bell, and since I let my manager know about the pregnancy I've been getting a TON of hours.There is another co-worker who is also pregnant, only 10 days ahead of me. She's having a girl but wanted a boy, so she's been teasing me about trading fetuses via Thai voodoo. (She's full-blooded Thai, met her hubby in Korea.) Its kind of nice to have another person I actually know somewhat well, going through this at the same time. :)

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This is such great news! Congrats!

Thanks Sabot! Its definitely going to be odd having a child around, that won't be going back to its own parents at the end of the day. Haha!

Do you plan of doing disposable diapers?
Because Costco is AWESOME for that.

Also Amazon for baby snacks. In bulk and so much cheaper ;_;

Oh yes, no cloth diapers for me. We did the math and research into them, and it costs just as much to get started on the cloth route, as it would with disposables. Its really only beneficial if you plan to have more than one child in diapers.

I'll have to look into Amazon once the little guy is here and at that point. But for now Corey has folks who have been giving us spare unopened snacks and food that doesn't expire for a while.

I'm going to poke you with baby snacks we found amazing: Baby Mum-mums.

Little rice crackers that dissolve into nothingness rather easily.

Also there are little puffy ones we called "Baby Cheetos" (because they are.) You can get those at walmart / etc.

Also, I would search for pure silicone feeding spoons when you start solids. Because they will bite the fuck outta that.
( Beaba First Stage Soft Spoons is what we used, for example)


Zippiner at gmail

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