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The Countdown
So close
 And so the Countdown begins. This Friday is my expected Due Date for DV's arrival into the outside world. I can't honestly say if I am ready for it, if he decides to take more time they already have me penciled in for induction on my Birthday, (June 23rd). Talk about one hell of a birthday gift to myself! I'm hoping he arrives on his DD, its not only a Full Moon its also Friday the 13th. The next time this happens is around 2049, I though that was rather neat. Haha!

  It's rather funny to think about how back in my early High School days I swore up and down I would NEVER have kids. And now here it is almost 10 years later and I have one just waiting to pop out any day now. I'm just glad I found my "Special Someone" to share the experience with, and not end up like my Mother and Sister...

 Once he does arrive, I have a week of down time before we have to get our packing into overdrive for our move back home to New Mexico. Siris's mother arrives July 10th to help out with the driving and remainder of the packing. I'm more prepared for DV's arrival than I am for her... >_>;; Don't get me wrong, she is a nice lady...just, she can get very annoying VERY quickly. And I've kinda been ignoring her since the middle of the pregnancy. I couldn't take the stupid repetitive questions....

 I'm a bit worried about taking Cheza back to New Mexico, because of how stressed she was during the start of the move out here to Kentucky. And she turned 11 at the start of the month. But at the same time I don't want to re-home her to some stranger, and then have her go and get sick or worse. And yet that could happen just as well trying to take her with us back home. I'm so conflicted over this. I'm worried about Seras as well, but dogs are a bit easier to travel with than cats. And Seras travels so well as long as she can lay down and have a break. To calm Cheza during the move up here, I had to let her roam the cab of the Uhaul or else she would pee and poop all over her carrier and herself. Nothing like being at a rest spot in the middle of Nowhere and trying to wash a cat and carrier.  (She looked like a weird furry hat or stuffed animal in the dash window during most of the drive after that. And was in Seras's crate during our night stop with her litter and food.) But in the last year or so she's shown signs of a possible kidney issue, but the vets can't nail down exactly whats wrong to get her on meds. I thought about getting a mild sedative for her during the move but with the kidney issue she's exhibiting, I don't think that would be very wise ...*Sigh*

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These are going to be some very stressful times for you! I wish you calm and peace during this whole transition. I'm also looking forward to seeing all 3 of you when you return to the Land of Entrapment! But, no. I'm not looking forward to having Cheza back in the state. *snerk*

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