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One Year Later. . .
I could say something about that...
Ah, where to start.

Life has definitely been a whirlwind since this time in 2014.

On this date last year I was laying in a hospital bed hooked up to a bunch of machines to monitor DV and I. It had already been 10 hours since my water broke. He was already 5 days late at this point, and just before mid night I was caving and got an epidural that had to be replaced and moved a short while later. It never did work right and only numbed my left side, but I guess it was enough to dull the strongest contractions. It wasn't until 07:24 on the 18th that he arrived. I just can't believe its been a full year since he was born, I'm in shock.

Then Five weeks later we were moving back to New Mexico from Fort Campbell. Nothing like driving across country without much sleep, and a newborn who had to eat every 2 hours. I'm just glad we had our apartment lined up, even if we didn't get the one they said we were going to. A few months after we had moved in, a shooting happened in front of our unit. Luckily I was out with my Nephew and DV shopping. I still got questioned by the cops though, especially since my Element had been broken into a week before.

Flash forward another few weeks and we had finished signing the paperwork for our first home.

In May we adopted a new dog, a Doberman / Rottweiler mix who is an absolute sweetheart.

Since then its been a steady life of taking care of the little guy, helping Sniper do his Full time work, Full time School, and his Reserves schedule.

Now its just DV and I for the next three weeks, since the Reserves activated him for the summer.We celebrated both of our Birthdays, (DV and I's) this past Saturday, because he had to leave first thing Monday.

still around
I could say something about that...
Yet again it's another, "I'm still alive" post.

I have a lot to update with, the Baby, the Move, the big Purchase. But I've no real free time to sit down and do a good update.

1Soon though, I promise.

The Countdown
So close
 And so the Countdown begins. This Friday is my expected Due Date for DV's arrival into the outside world. I can't honestly say if I am ready for it, if he decides to take more time they already have me penciled in for induction on my Birthday, (June 23rd). Talk about one hell of a birthday gift to myself! I'm hoping he arrives on his DD, its not only a Full Moon its also Friday the 13th. The next time this happens is around 2049, I though that was rather neat. Haha!

  It's rather funny to think about how back in my early High School days I swore up and down I would NEVER have kids. And now here it is almost 10 years later and I have one just waiting to pop out any day now. I'm just glad I found my "Special Someone" to share the experience with, and not end up like my Mother and Sister...

 Once he does arrive, I have a week of down time before we have to get our packing into overdrive for our move back home to New Mexico. Siris's mother arrives July 10th to help out with the driving and remainder of the packing. I'm more prepared for DV's arrival than I am for her... >_>;; Don't get me wrong, she is a nice lady...just, she can get very annoying VERY quickly. And I've kinda been ignoring her since the middle of the pregnancy. I couldn't take the stupid repetitive questions....

 I'm a bit worried about taking Cheza back to New Mexico, because of how stressed she was during the start of the move out here to Kentucky. And she turned 11 at the start of the month. But at the same time I don't want to re-home her to some stranger, and then have her go and get sick or worse. And yet that could happen just as well trying to take her with us back home. I'm so conflicted over this. I'm worried about Seras as well, but dogs are a bit easier to travel with than cats. And Seras travels so well as long as she can lay down and have a break. To calm Cheza during the move up here, I had to let her roam the cab of the Uhaul or else she would pee and poop all over her carrier and herself. Nothing like being at a rest spot in the middle of Nowhere and trying to wash a cat and carrier.  (She looked like a weird furry hat or stuffed animal in the dash window during most of the drive after that. And was in Seras's crate during our night stop with her litter and food.) But in the last year or so she's shown signs of a possible kidney issue, but the vets can't nail down exactly whats wrong to get her on meds. I thought about getting a mild sedative for her during the move but with the kidney issue she's exhibiting, I don't think that would be very wise ...*Sigh*

Baby and Life Update
I could say something about that...
   Things are going well, in terms of growing of the baby. I've reached my third Trimester with no issues, and as of this point I only have roughly 3 weeks until I reach my due date of the 13th. I feel HUGE some days, and average sized the next. I can't say much else about this experience, as its been pretty uneventful, which IS a good thing! Would I do it again? I'm not too sure just yet, I still have the birth thing to go through!

   As far as Baby preparations are going, we had my Baby Shower on the 10th of May. (It was a "surprise" shower, but I knew about it because Sniper can't keep secrets like that very well! Haha!) It was a small event with only a few of my co-workers whom RSVP'd showing up, and the men folk getting wasted. But we did receive a few things off the list that we hadn't managed to pick up just yet, and more newborn clothing that we really don't need. (But, its better to have extra than not enough, in my opinion at least.) There was also a surprise package from Miss Candace with a few things for him, since she wasn't able to travel due to her up coming Wedding. We also received a cute little customized Whale bank, that everyone put a few bucks into for David's College fund. Once it reaches a decent amount we are going to put it into a savings account or something similar so it can grow enough for him to actually use toward schooling. All that is left to pick up is a few more crib sheets, a diaper bag, baby monitor, a Boppy pillow, and more diapers and wipes for our stash. I'm sure once he's here there will be something we've missed, but according to all those generic lists online and a few parents we both work with we're pretty spot on so far.

   Life otherwise is going well.  I'm still working as a cashier as of this point, though, I'm considering leaving soon. So I can get some rest before David Vincent makes his appearance in the outside world. As well as get the house spot cleaned and somewhat packed up... I did verbally let the store Manager know I wouldn't be returning to work once he did arrive. She didn't seem like that news too much, but was pretty understanding. I'll be turning in a written notice tomorrow.
  Sniper/Siris is finishing up everything with his unit and getting ready for the transition back to civilian life. He even has his old job lined up back in New Mexico making $2.00 more than when he left! I can't help but get a feeling he doesn't really want out of the Army, like he wants to try and get another Duty Station to see if perhaps the grass is greener on the other side... I just want him to be happy with his decisions, no matter what they are. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the possible out comes... At the same time I do want to go back to New Mexico and the people we know and care about. He's mentioned switching over to the Reserves, instead of going into his National Guard contract. Which would mean a possible $40,000 sign-on bonus, but only if he signed on for Colorado's Reserves and not New Mexico. Which does have its benefits of being MUCH closer to home, but I'm just not sure... We'd have to find jobs and respectable childcare as soon as possible once we did figure out where we would be living, as opposed to him technically already having a job and us having free childcare if we go home. We've also already lined up two different places in Roswell to possibly move into as soon as we arrive...


Jumping into Adulthood - Round 2
I could say something about that...
  Things are progressing at a decent pace for us. It seems like only a month or two ago we were headed home to visit friends and family. A few things have happened since that trip, mainly my Buick reaching a point of being non-drive-able without some minor but expensive work to the breaks. I had finally figured out and repaired my Turn-Signal issue, which turned out to be a blown flasher fuse. Which was a pain to find under the driver's side dash, it took me at least two days to actually find it, even with online schematics and how-to videos. Once our Credit card was paid down we picked up an '08 Honda Element SC for a good price. Unfortunately, they wouldn't take my car as trade-in not because of the work it needs, but its age.  So I've been waiting on my title to arrive from my Grandmother so we can just sell it ourselves, as we have several folks interested who can do the needed work themselves. I must say, I love my Element despite the Black interior. Seras's fur is EVERYWHERE, and she's only been in it once or twice since we bought it! D: But its plenty of space for us and the folding seats are a bonus. Siris has even been commandeering it a few weeks at a time, leaving me with the truck.

  In September, I had to get my IUD removed as it had shifted slightly and the strings were stabbing me. Before hand, Siris and I had talked about starting the next chapter of our lives. So, I didn't get it replaced. Once October rolled around it was confirmed via blood work, I was pregnant. Which was actually a VERY BIG relief for me, given all the issues I've had with my cycle over the years. My last GYN had said it was possible I might be sterile or have extreme difficulty getting pregnant because of possible scarring from cysts. Our first appointment, had me a bit worried since they couldn't find the heartbeat with the Dopplar, but we got to get an actual ultrasound and saw it before it was much more than a blob of tissue. I have been lucky to not have any morning sickness what-so-ever, though Siris had it for roughly a week or so the first month. I've only had a few cravings but nothing strange, mostly for Steak and fruit.The only other symptom was exhaustion, but that has gone away. I'm now at 21 weeks,(5 Months), and we found out last Tuesday that we are expecting a Male. It is a mix of emotions to thing I have this little person growing inside me, but I'm glad it is. (Even if feeling it move has me expecting a little beast to pop out through my stomach.) My current due date is Friday June 13th, 2014. We've been gathering things here and there like little pack rats or squirrels, which has been working well. We have a stroller, car seat, bouncer/swing, crib (just need a mattress), changing table,  Pack'N'Play with bassinet, and some clothing. Most of it was bought at half price or less, thanks to a local store called Bargain Hunt. I think we wouldn't have collected as much as we have without them! Haha!

 Yes, things are going well. I'm still working at KFC/Taco Bell, and since I let my manager know about the pregnancy I've been getting a TON of hours.There is another co-worker who is also pregnant, only 10 days ahead of me. She's having a girl but wanted a boy, so she's been teasing me about trading fetuses via Thai voodoo. (She's full-blooded Thai, met her hubby in Korea.) Its kind of nice to have another person I actually know somewhat well, going through this at the same time. :)

Jumping into Adulthood
I could say something about that...
 One step at a time.

 Siris and I made a big jump to being adults this month. (No, I'm not pregnant.) We paid off our first vehicle loan, and about 4 months early at that. Its not even been a full month since we sent our last payment, but it already feels strange not having that bill looming at the first of the month. We've gone over how much we are saving now and and it seems crazy that we were spending that much a month for it, and STILL being able to live comfortably. (One of his friends, was constantly asking just how we were getting by without any outside aides. Especially before I was working again.)

 Now we plan on getting the credit card paid down. Which that won't take long because its an emergency and Diesel/gas card, we rarely use.

 In other news we are heading home at the end of June to visit our friends and Family. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone again, its not the same without a lot of you. :) We shall see if I still have a job when we get back, since I'm taking 2 weeks off. Our plan is to head up to Lexington ,KY to visit his Great-Uncle David, then head over to Albuquerque to visit our friends there for the weekend, (If they still want us!,<3 ;3 ) and then head to Roswell and visit our families for a few days. We are contemplating heading back via Dallas to visit our close friend Candace, but that has yet to be officially discussed.

I should really charge...
  With the weather warming up and people wanting to get out and do stuff, I've been doing a good chunk of dog sitting. Its always nice having another dog (or four) in the house. And it perks Seras up since we still haven't been able to get Dobie from New Mexico. :3

 Every afternoon after I get off Seras and I head to the Dog Park across the road. A lot of the folks there have noticed my influx of random dogs and have been asking what my rates are. Naturally it has gotten me thinking a bit more seriously about it. I'm really considering about giving animal care a go as a career, and get my certification in training and handling.

 We shall see, if Corey decides to stay in the service I think I will go through with it. There are a good amount of folks with pets and need kenneling/ watching while they're overseas or on vacation....

Well, Here We Go!
Cute, Excited
Shortly  after posting my last journal, I went to my interview at the KFC/Taco Bell here in post.

 I am now a small part of the workforce again! Yesterday was my fist day, it went pretty smoothly, only messed up on order as a cashier but it was quickly fixed and the Officer was back on his way. (Not a Police officer either, I want to say he may have been a general...?)

  I'm just happy to be working again, even if its only part-time. :) And all money I'm making, will go into savings for a down payment on a new vehicle. Once our credit card is a bit lower, which will happen pretty quickly now that taxes are gone. :)

 I hope ya'll have a great day or evening!  

Oh meh...
So close
Oh LJ! I haven't forgotten you, I've just been lurking in the shadows and ...well... Okay, I did blank you out for a month or two, but I came back!

It seems like the only news I even update here is when something significant happens, or I'm feeling extremely Emo about my current situations. So now is your chance to guess which one of those this post will be about.




  Its a mix, sorry about that.

  But you dear LJ , are one of the few places most folks don't just ass-pat me and try to make me feel like I'm their happy ray of sunshine and lollipops. I can be more open and honest about how I really am feeling. And for that, I thank you all whom still might be reading this when it pops up on your friend's list.

 Its been a lot of the same this past year. Nothing really worth updating except maybe our move from Hopkinsville, KY to actually living on Fort Campbell. And that our back taxes from 2010 are finally paid off (if you've ever owed money to the IRS, you know this feeling and how wonderful it is when its finally over.)

 The truck is almost all paid off as well, we only owe around $1,200 out of the $26,000-something, once all the fees and taxes are added up. So give that a month and a week, and we'll have it paid off early by using the money we would have used for taxes as extra payments. Then its all going to pay off our credit card, which sadly has been used way more than we like the past few months.

  Not bad at all since Sniper is the only one getting a paycheck.

 We found out that we are eligible for food-stamps when he did our taxes for 2011, but to be honest, we aren't going to register for them like his higher ups seem to want us to do. We live and eat comfortably, shoot we have over $100 in beef alone sitting in our freezer. I think they are so used to soldiers that have never been away from Mom and Dad getting married, and then not spending wisely because of the "freedom" of adulthood. Lord knows we've seen several folks over spending, and then complaining that they can't go out and party of just out to eat. Xb Maybe its because we grew up in poor households we can drag our money out if/when the time calls for it, but we really do live just as comfortably as we did when we were working the hospitals....

  I still haven't found work, despite me putting in and checking on, several applications a week. I have and interview on Wednesday with a KFC/Taco Bell here on post. Which would be pretty cool since its just up the road a few blocks, and i could ride my bike to work during nice weather...

I Am Still Around
I could say something about that...
Things have improved for Sniper and I here in Kentucky.

  We no longer have a roommate, thank GOD!( I could rant about it, but most of ya'll already know what went on with that thanks to Facebook.)

     We are fixing to move on to post within the next few weeks, which I am looking forward to. We'll finally stop having to pay for a storage unit just for our Washer and Dryer, as well as gain a garage, a dog park, and walking trail within a block or two. :) Hopkinsville,KY is nice in that small town kind of way. It is amusing to see Amish Carts tied to the cart corrals in a Wal-Mart parking lot, or at a local Farmer's Market. Or the Mennonites trucking along with about 8 of them in a home made trailer behind a tractor  with 3 to 4 more in the cab going down a busy road.  And we've become good friends with some of our neighbors, but its about a 30 mile drive everyday to Post. And if you know him, you know he's doing that in his truck.

   He's settled in with his Battalion (218th MP Battalion and is not the only Medic anymore, he now has one person below him and one above. He got promoted to Specialist(E-4) this past October in a little over 18 months, which from what I'm told is quick. And they have already talked with him about promoting him yet again to Corporal(still an E-4, just more responsibilities), once he gets his points in order and attends the WLC. He got his Air Assault wings and a recommendation to the Master Repel Course, if he ever gets the time to go. He's been accepted into Flight School and is awaiting the dates, which will have him at Fort Rucker, I believe, for a month. He's also put a packet in for the Flight Medic School back at Fort Sam Houston, which if he gets accepted, means another move back out west to San Antonio. But only for around 9 months, then we might end up back here at Fort Campbell, or (we hope) Fort Carson in Colorado.

 On my end of things, its the same ole stuff. I'm still searching for work, I got an interview earlier last month but was not hired. :( I've been keeping busy with Badge and art commissions though, even did a hat not too long ago. :) So I'm bringing in a little money to help with bills. I taught myself how to make paracord survival bracelets, and replaced the strap on my European Shoulder Bag. ;) I now have about 15+ft of cord with me at all times now! Lol! I am trying to figure out a gimmick for them to sell around here, as I know of at least one lady who makes and sells them. 

 I've somehow become the local meet coordinator for Post and the Greater Clarksville area. The group here has grown quite a bit since I arrived only a year ago. We went from only 4-5 to about 15 furs, that have attended at least one meet. I must say its nice to have a surrogate furfamily at times, but they don't compare to the lot I left back in New Mexico. Ya'll are the best and missed dearly. <3

   That is about it from me, I need to get back to packing up the Apartment. :b  I still lurk on LJ at least once or twice a week


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