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Baby and Life Update
I could say something about that...
   Things are going well, in terms of growing of the baby. I've reached my third Trimester with no issues, and as of this point I only have roughly 3 weeks until I reach my due date of the 13th. I feel HUGE some days, and average sized the next. I can't say much else about this experience, as its been pretty uneventful, which IS a good thing! Would I do it again? I'm not too sure just yet, I still have the birth thing to go through!

   As far as Baby preparations are going, we had my Baby Shower on the 10th of May. (It was a "surprise" shower, but I knew about it because Sniper can't keep secrets like that very well! Haha!) It was a small event with only a few of my co-workers whom RSVP'd showing up, and the men folk getting wasted. But we did receive a few things off the list that we hadn't managed to pick up just yet, and more newborn clothing that we really don't need. (But, its better to have extra than not enough, in my opinion at least.) There was also a surprise package from Miss Candace with a few things for him, since she wasn't able to travel due to her up coming Wedding. We also received a cute little customized Whale bank, that everyone put a few bucks into for David's College fund. Once it reaches a decent amount we are going to put it into a savings account or something similar so it can grow enough for him to actually use toward schooling. All that is left to pick up is a few more crib sheets, a diaper bag, baby monitor, a Boppy pillow, and more diapers and wipes for our stash. I'm sure once he's here there will be something we've missed, but according to all those generic lists online and a few parents we both work with we're pretty spot on so far.

   Life otherwise is going well.  I'm still working as a cashier as of this point, though, I'm considering leaving soon. So I can get some rest before David Vincent makes his appearance in the outside world. As well as get the house spot cleaned and somewhat packed up... I did verbally let the store Manager know I wouldn't be returning to work once he did arrive. She didn't seem like that news too much, but was pretty understanding. I'll be turning in a written notice tomorrow.
  Sniper/Siris is finishing up everything with his unit and getting ready for the transition back to civilian life. He even has his old job lined up back in New Mexico making $2.00 more than when he left! I can't help but get a feeling he doesn't really want out of the Army, like he wants to try and get another Duty Station to see if perhaps the grass is greener on the other side... I just want him to be happy with his decisions, no matter what they are. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the possible out comes... At the same time I do want to go back to New Mexico and the people we know and care about. He's mentioned switching over to the Reserves, instead of going into his National Guard contract. Which would mean a possible $40,000 sign-on bonus, but only if he signed on for Colorado's Reserves and not New Mexico. Which does have its benefits of being MUCH closer to home, but I'm just not sure... We'd have to find jobs and respectable childcare as soon as possible once we did figure out where we would be living, as opposed to him technically already having a job and us having free childcare if we go home. We've also already lined up two different places in Roswell to possibly move into as soon as we arrive...


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I know it sounds silly, but make sure to have a tin of formula about!

Even while breastfeeding, a tin is INCREDIBLY useful, and I wish someone had told >us< to have one!

We actually have 2 tins and 8 sample sleeves from enfamil of their different formulas for newborns. Apparently they send them out to expecting mothers on military bases. I never signed up to get them!

That's awesome! :D

I HOPE YOUR BIRTHING GOES EXACTLY TO YOUR BIRTHPLAN, AND IS SMOOTH AND NON-PAINFUL. (Which is really the best wishes you >can< give someone about to give birth. Haa. Hahaha. Dontpushfor4hoursandgetac-sectionittotallysuuuuucks.)

Also bring a bathrobe if ya got one. Big ol' fluffy bathrobes are the beeest during childbirth. ;A;

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