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One Year Later. . .
I could say something about that...
Ah, where to start.

Life has definitely been a whirlwind since this time in 2014.

On this date last year I was laying in a hospital bed hooked up to a bunch of machines to monitor DV and I. It had already been 10 hours since my water broke. He was already 5 days late at this point, and just before mid night I was caving and got an epidural that had to be replaced and moved a short while later. It never did work right and only numbed my left side, but I guess it was enough to dull the strongest contractions. It wasn't until 07:24 on the 18th that he arrived. I just can't believe its been a full year since he was born, I'm in shock.

Then Five weeks later we were moving back to New Mexico from Fort Campbell. Nothing like driving across country without much sleep, and a newborn who had to eat every 2 hours. I'm just glad we had our apartment lined up, even if we didn't get the one they said we were going to. A few months after we had moved in, a shooting happened in front of our unit. Luckily I was out with my Nephew and DV shopping. I still got questioned by the cops though, especially since my Element had been broken into a week before.

Flash forward another few weeks and we had finished signing the paperwork for our first home.

In May we adopted a new dog, a Doberman / Rottweiler mix who is an absolute sweetheart.

Since then its been a steady life of taking care of the little guy, helping Sniper do his Full time work, Full time School, and his Reserves schedule.

Now its just DV and I for the next three weeks, since the Reserves activated him for the summer.We celebrated both of our Birthdays, (DV and I's) this past Saturday, because he had to leave first thing Monday.

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Happy belated birfday to both of you! *hugs*

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