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A Wunny's Life Experiences

Taking It One Step At A Time

23 June
I'm am one of the elusive Female Furry going on about 12+ years in the fandom, as an artist and amateur fursuit builder. I've yet to go to an actual Convention, but would love the chance to.

I am a Military Spouse, new Mom and have an amazing Husband who lets me stay home to care for our Little Guy.

This is just for me to vent and talk about whatever the hell I want to talk about.Also to keep track of a few of my friends the have moved away, and the few I've online.As well as my fursuit building and romps... There may not bee anything really interesting in here but your all welcome to check it out.=^-^=


animals, baking, cooking, drawing, foxes, furries, fursuit building, fursuits, gaming, hybrid furs, mtb, music, owls, pet care, ps2, ps3, ps4, rabbits, road biking, sewing, sirisfolf, snowboarding, techno(both industrial and trance), wiiu, wolves, xbox360